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Role of Parents

Expectations from Parents With Parents Picture


  1. To become familiar with the school philosophy, rules, expectations for students by reading student/parent handbook.
  2. To support the school discipline program by teaching the school rules to their children at home.
  3. To publicly say good things about the school and to tell the administration the things that should be improved.
  4. To hold high expectations for their children, both academically and socially, and inform their children of their expectations.
  5. To teach the value of good discipline by setting rules and limits at home.
  6. To maintain regular communication with the school through formal and informal conferences with teachers and to be willing and available to discuss problems as they arise.
  7. To talk positively about your child’s school and teacher.
  8. To develop a partnership between your child’s teacher and yourself by visiting your child’s teacher.
  9. To be prepared to assist teachers if your child begins to behave inappropriately.
  10. To attend parent-teacher conferences when scheduled.