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Student Welfare

The GDGPS Student Well-Being Team is dedicated to supporting each student by promoting positive attitudes, choices, and behaviours.

  1. The Well-Being Program supports both the School’s mission and objectives and the  Learner Profile, and aims to:
  2. develop transferable skills in compassionate thinking and self-management
  3. develop skills to foster the peaceful resolution of conflict
  4. promote the development of physical health, ethics and social behaviour
  5. encourage lifelong learning
  6. provide an environment where students feel secure and welcome
  7. promote respect for the rights of everyone

Our team encourages everyone in our school community to promote and maintain appropriate conduct, and this is characterized as behaviour which:

  1. Recognizes that each member of the community is unique
  2. Develops skills for a peaceful resolution of conflict
  3. Addresses inappropriate behaviour
  4. Values and respects the rights of others, including the right to learn
  5. Fosters a happy, safe and secure environment
  6. Treats others fairly
  7. Expects members of the community to take responsibility for their actions
  8. Promotes compassion and tolerance
  9. Values and respects others and their differences

upholds the School mission, objectives and ethos